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I need so much help with my home!! Little by little, I've made the downstairs look ok. I am working on my bedroom right now but am having trouble choosing a "theme". Does it have to go with the downstairs? Does it have to match the master bath? Also, on the way upstairs, how do you feel about pics on the wall? Right now, there's nothing but should there be family portraits, or pictures all in one theme? Help!!

First of all, people get too hung up on "themes", and the short answer is no, they don't have to be the same.  In your bedroom in particular, I'd theme it "Emily" and surround myself with things that make you happy, make you feel comfy and warm and secure.  

Lots of decorators use "theme decorating" to help people who don't really know what "style" they lean toward.  That "theme scheme" gives them an array of things to work with, and helps homeowners accessorize their living spaces.  

As for your stairwell, put photos there if you chooose, or don't.  It's not a have to situation.  If you do put them there, coordinate them and group them by framing them all alike.  

Let's just say that beyond your front door, YOU make the rules on decorating.  There really are no hard and fast rules.  Use your own creativity and passions - surround yourself with things that make you happy including colors, furnishings, bed linens etc. and you'll be pleased with the results.


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