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My partner and I are moving soon and I want to make the house healthy and clean.  I am the neater one and love plants, etc.  I recently moved from Florida to Cleveland, and I'm not sure if I can use the same houseplants, etc.  Which plants do you recommend?  Do you recommend hanging plants?

Hello Jennifer,

If you brought your houseplants from Florida to Cleveland I would not give up on them and throw them away but I would not be surprised if they struggled a bit for survival. Usually what gives houseplants a hard time is that the indoor air is very dry. Increase the moisture around your plants, for example by putting plates of water between them and they will be much happier. The plates can be made an interior design item by filling them with beautiful stones as well as water.

Houseplants that will thrive in Cleveland are for example Pphilodendron, Spider Plant and Golden Pothos. Monstera deliciosa also known as split leaf philodendron or Swiss cheese plant will also grow happily.

For those dark corners that always seem to exist I recommend Sansevieria. It comes in two varieties. The tall one is called Mother-in-law's tongue.

You can actually grow some palms in Cleveland too. The parlour palm waves of tropical-looking fronds will add interest to even a darker corner.

All these plats are also very good air cleaners. The philodendron, Spider plant and Golden pothos remove formaldehyde (often present in pressed wood furniture) from the air. Golden pothos is also very good in removing benzene from the air.  

I really recommend hanging plants. I have a lot of hanging plants myself; some actually is used as curtains in a tall but narrow window. Hanging plants might need a bit more water than other plants, as they seem to dry out faster. Keep that in mind and you will have very happy plants.

Good luck!


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