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Hi Cindy,

We are in the process of staining our cedar house.  It is a german style house/2 stories.  We are staining the body a clay color with a cream trim.  I'm having trouble choosing a color for our shutters and what do I do with the front door and the big double garage door?  I thought about painting the shutters a reddish color and the front door a greenish color.  But what do we do with the garage door.  It is very big and in the front of the house?  UGH!  What should we do?  We really want a show stopping look for our home.

Thank you so much for any advice you can offer.


Paint your garage door, including the trim, a color that perfectly matches the clay color of your house.  Try different samples on your garage door until you find the right match. Reddish color for your shutters and greenish for the door is a good idea.

Good luck with your decorating, Cindy

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