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my living room has 4 walls..i have two sofa and two chairs..i'll put the two chairs on the 1st wall..and one of the sofa ine the wall perpendicular to it..the 2nd sofa on the wall perpendicular to the wall of the 1st sofa and parallel to the two chairs..then the 4th wall i'll put the tv(LCD)..whick wall i should paint??? the wall of the two chairs? or the wall of the tv?? or the two walls of the sofa??.. if you want more information tell me in ur reply... waiting for your reply...thnx for your time

Hello rania ,

   My expert opinions relate to Window Treatments , However , the wall(s) we face the most would be my choice to paint . When you see a colour you like , try to chip off about a 2" by 2" area and bring to your paint supplier . They will take that "swatch" and place it into a device that will detect the ingredients of that colour . Now they can find that same colour either on the shelf -or- by mixing 2 -or- more colours to achieve you colour of choice .


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