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Dear Linn, I love gardening, outside that is. I have an old bakers rack that begs for lots of plants but I invariably have a hard time managing plants indoors. Can you suggest some which are super easy to manage? Right now I have 4 which made it through the winter & are now outside again. Like the idea of plants cleaning the air. Tried a ficus once but it got mites & died. Appreciate any help you can give.Margaret

Dear Margaret,

Do not give up! There is hope for everyone. Usually what gives houseplants a hard time is the very dry indoor air. Increase the moisture around your plants, for example by putting plates of water between them and they will be much happier. The plates can be made an interior design item by filling them with beautiful stones as well as water.

Houseplants that thrive under most conditions are philodendron, Spider Plant and Golden Pothos. Monstera deliciosa also known as split leaf philodendron or Swiss cheese plant will also grow happily.

For those dark corners that always seem to exist I recommend Sansevieria. It comes in two varieties. The tall one is called Mother-in-law's tongue.

All these plants are also very good air cleaners. The philodendron, Spider plant and Golden pothos remove formaldehyde (often present in pressed wood furniture) from the air. Golden pothos is also very good in removing benzene from the air.  

Good luck!

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