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could u please suggest me ways in which i can use mirrors to increase or make the most of natural lighting ,in the room.and how would i fit them etc.........
i would be very thank full to you
take care bye.
love sameera.......

Hello Sameera,

The beauty in using mirrors to get more light into a room is that you can place them almost anywhere.
But to optimise, it is a good idea to follow the pattern of light. Look where the natural light falls on the wall. Place a mirror there. The mirror will get the light to fall into the room and fall on another wall. Now, place a mirror here and so on. If the room feels really dark you can start with placing a mirror on the wall in a dark corner with a narrow shelf under. Place a lamp on the shelf. The mirror enhances the effect of the lamp many times.

In European castles mirrors are often used not only to get more light into the room but also to make the rooms look (even) bigger and to create mirror in mirror effects. If you put two mirrors on opposite walls, each mirror will show the reflection of the other mirror. It can be a really cool effect but beware, don't push it to far. You do not want a room where any person entering sees herself everywhere.

Mirror are best fastened to the walls with mirror brackets, by the way.

Good luck

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