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could u please tell about metal sheeting in kitchen and living room for a modern look  .i want to use metal for modrenize my give a perfect modren look.could u please tell me about the advantages and dis advantages.of metal sheeting or cladding.and is it a good idea to use it or not?
i would be very thank ful to u

Hello Sam,
Metal sheeting has become popular in recent years above all in the kitchen. It is a versatile material that can be used on worktops as well as on the wall. I can start with saying that there are at least no obvious reasons why you should not use it. It is more a matter of personal taste.

To help you with your decision whether to use it or not I have listed some pros and cons with metal sheeting as I see it.

Some pros with metal sheeting are:
- It is a very durable material that can take the wear and tare of many years of use.
- It also is heat resistant and you do not have to worry about warm saucepans etc.
- Metal sheeting is very hygienic. There are just a few joints between surfaces and thus it is less risk for grease to stick and it is easier to clean.
- It is very modern and trendy can be fun if you feel like being very modern.

Well, there are some cons to:
- On a metal surface every fingerprint or dot of grease will be very visible. In other words - A lot of polishing.
- The surface changes over time. If you have brushed steel for example you will have to be careful when cleaning it so you do not destroy the brushed finish. A shiny spot on a brushed surface is not attractive.
- The price metal sheeting is often rather expensive.

Best of luck!


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