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i have just moved in,renting a one-bedroom,furnished apartment that has magnolia walls throughout.i will probably live here for 2-3 years and i am not allowed to decorate,but i want to make the place feel more like home. so could u please tell me that how can i use soft furnishing to create a style in the bed room and the sitting room with dining area.please help me out .i really need some ones advice.i would be very thankful to u.
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I'm sorry to take so long to get back to you. I have been working on location this week and just now have a chance to check my mail.

When you say magnolia walls I am assuming you mean white throughout. What a great situation. No one's bad color mistakes to live with.

Start with a wonderful duvet or spread and a complimentary window treatment for your bedroom in a pattern and color way that says "You". It's important not to settle for just anything at this point because it sets the stage for your entire theme. Use these same colors in the entire apartment for pillows, rugs, towels etc.

Since I don't know much about you I can't recommend a particular style but only to be consistent. Take the same colors into the sitting and dining area with different patterns. This will help your apartment seem larger.

Being a floorcloth designer, of course I am going to suggest a floorcloth that you can make yourself or commission, that will compliment your theme or even disguise a floor that you would rather cover. That's the great thing about these rugs is that they can be any size, shape, color or design.

The fun part of decorating is being resourceful. Shop on ebay for closeouts from Pottery Barn and other neat catalog companies for great bargins on designer linens and accessories.

Congratulations and enjoy your new apartment.


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