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could u please suggest me ways in which i can use mirrors to increase or make the most of natural lighting ,in the room.and how would i fit them etc.........
i would be very thank full to you
take care bye.
love sameera.......

The use of mirrors in your home will certainly appear to open up your space as well as add reflective light value.

Anywhere you add a mirror will automatically add light and placement can be determined by identifying your needs.

If you practice feng shui in your decorating you also know that mirrors are used to deflect malign forces such as bad luck, and sickness.

If feng shui is of any interest to you I would consult an expert in this field as to where you should place your mirrors. My knowledge is here is limited although I have used what I do know in my own home and studio.

From a mere decorating standpoint, your mirrors could be a grouping of small mirrors or one large one balanced beneath with a piece or grouping of furniture.

The mirrors that are framed to look like a window are a neat trick to add to a wall that needs a window. I have used these in clients' homes to hide unsightly things like breaker boxes.

Something I enjoy in my own home is a lighted ficus tree(use the tiny Christmas tree lights),sitting to the side of a mirror. The combination of the added greeery and the lights reflected in the mirror sets a relaxing mood in the evenings and when turned on during the day it seems to lift my spirits when I get a glimpse of it.

If you haven't shopped for mirrors yet try consignment shops and flea markets or even yard sales. You'll be amazed at the great deals you will find. You may find a beautiful picture frame that you could place a mirror in or maybe a window frame for the idea we talked about above.

Be creative and have fun.

Hope this helps.

Angie Nelson
Free Rein Studio

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