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i have recently stripped the wallpaper from our lounge. under the paper, the plaster is sound. my problem is, there is paint under the paper. some of the paint has come off with the paper and some hasnt, leaving an uneven surface. is there any way of removing the paint without having to skim or plaster the walls as we are on a tight budget. we initially tried sanding the paint but this was unsuccessful. any ideas would be gratefully recieved

My first thought was sanding.  Since that didn't work, I'd opt for a "stain blocker" as an undercoat, and then paint overtop.  The most popular stain blocker is a product called KILZ.  It comes in both oil and water bases.  It will literally cover anything, blocking it from "reappearing" with new paint.

Apply the KILZ (Benz is another such product) according to package instructions, allow it to thoroughly dry, then apply paint (or whatever treatment including more paper) over the top.


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