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Bi-level house - LR Room size is 12 x 15
Single window as you come up the steps on the far 12'wall
doublewide doorway to the dining room to the left of the window --
 a 3' wide wall, a double wide doorway opening into the dining room.  
 a 7' wide section and the stairway going to the next level.
Right now I have beige wall and beige rug with an area rug with colors of green, gold, rust, berry, blue,and green on a beige background.
I have a sky blue early american syle sofa, and 2 sky blue wing chairs.  My windows have an eggshell lace panel over eggshell sheers.  
There are also 2 end tables and a coffee table
one table on each side of the sofa and also a drop leaf table that I use in the dining room when I have guests.
On the 7' wall I have a buffetw/open hutch early american china closet, 4-1/2' wide and 7' tall.

I still like the "early-american" look of the 70's but the sofa needs to be replaced.  I do like wing chairs, but if I have to, I'd like to replace those.  

I'd like a conversation area in this odd room - maybe two two-seat sofas, but I go to the furniture store and I'm lost.  I don't know what colors to look at, nor do I see sofas that are my style.  I need a focal point.  We also have trouble bringing a large upholstered style sofa up the stairs because of the angles.  

Any suggestions?  window treatments, sofa styles, colors?

I like the beige walls since they tie in with my dining room.

As far as $$s go, I don't want to spend a whole lot since we have maybe a year to go before we move.  Also, I need help quickly because my daughter is getting married and photos will be taken in the house.  (H E L P)   

Picture window along the 15' wall coming up from the steps.  



Wow.  First of all, shop for your furniture at antique or vintage furniture stores.  You might also check out garage sales in your area.  If that fails, then look for a pair of love seats in a neutral color.  If you find upholstered pieces that appear solid even though they may have a small design/print in them, that's preferable.  If all else fails, purchase two white/off-white love seats.  You can add your muted colors of blues, ecrus, beiges, whatever as pillows and throws.  If you can arrange the sofas to face one another, all the better.  You may want to recover the wing chairs, although purchasing new ones is an option.  Most every furniture dealer carries wing chair styles.

Your window treatments are great as far as they go, but need a heavier weight drapery to finish it.  Sheers alone are not complete treatments.  Find some in your favorite shade of blue or even ecru.  Add tie backs in a contrasting color (pick that color from a rug, a cherished piece of china, whatever...) and most of all, paint your walls a richer color!

Lastly, you may want to add some harmonious color through the use of an area rug.  There are beautiful styles available at home improvement stores as well as outstanding values on bound edge carpet remnants at your local carpet dealer.  

Thanks for writing.  

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