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Thankyou in advance for your answers and ideas. I have kinda hit a brain roadblock regarding my kitchen. Let me explain..... the floors are hard wood oak "gunstock". The cabinets are a honey  colored oak. The  countertops are quartz "tea green" (light brown with darker shades of brown and greens) The backsplash is travertine called beige medium. I did The walls in a venetian plaster, a color called olivo. The round kitchen table is a really, really old chunky oak. The chairs and hutch used to be dark stained pine maybe(don't remember) anyways I painted them a darkish mossy green and then sanded back to the wood in places then put a real dark wax over the whole thing. The appliances are stainless steel. Accents are tomato reds and a  little yellow.  The question is about the center island..... I bought a couple of stock oak base cabinets, put them together, put some bead board on the back, it has the same countertop as the rest of the kitchen. The island  "themofoil oak  (fake)" and the cabinets (real wood) don't match.... i have known for a while that i need to do something to the center island but WHAT? I have already primed it with that zinsser 123 but now i am paralized with indecsion. My fear is if I paint it the same as the hutch and chairs, it will be too matchy, matchy.          

Hi Tami,
I think you should paint them the same as the hutch and chairs.
As the hutch and chairs are the only thing of that colour in the room it wont be too matchy matchy.
In fact i like the sound of what you have done with it, sounds really nice, good on ya.
Take care and have fun.


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