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Hi, I have just bought a new Condo, my kitchen comes with medium Honey finish Oak cabinets and white tile counter tops and stainless steel appliances, but I really don't like tile and want to change it to Granite, but I'm confused with wich colour of granite should I go, I really want something with gold and black touch in it to lighten my Kitchen and make it look larger, so would it work with my cabinets color and what gold color with wich pattern would work? Thanks


Thanks for writting. Granit is a great great look in the kitchen. Just to educate you a bit on stains and scratches easy, it is high maintnace because it needs to be sealed at least once a year and if you are a cook, you should know that it holds bacteria in it's pours.

With that said, if you are single, not a huge cook, and don't mind a little maintnace, then go for it! It is rich and sophsticated looking and it makes a statement. If Marble is now a turn off for you, go to the next step, Granit. If you want the lowest maintnace with the look of natural stone, then go to Zodiac Quartz.

Now to the color. All three stones that I just talked about should come in a variation of the same colors. With your honey cabinets, I would suggest sticking this a cream/gold base color with black and or brown accents in the vains of the stone. You are on the right track!

Other suggestions: Run the stone up into your backsplash for a very rich and clean look.

Good luck and as always I encourage you to send pictures of your completed project anytime to:

Thanks, and Happy Easter!


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