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I entertain all the time, my kitchen is small, reciently i move my farmhouse table to the middle of the kitchen connecting it with the small island creating one large center room focal point and creating an area in front of the window where i can now put a 6 foot bench to add much needed entertaing space for guest. Now i can seat 11 people in my kitchen. My main question is color, my cabinet are light oak with an oatmeat color solid countertop. med. oak floors.  big black hutch on one side of kitchen, black chairs around table. should bench under window be black also? (oh, my kitchen table (in center) has red legs, the red table pulled red in from other rooms.  (basic color scheme of house is red (living room) green (dining room) and kitchen, fruit wallpaper with all these colors and black accents throughout. P.S. i love the table in the center, it makes my kitchen seem soo much bigger but i have never seen a table connecting right up to the island, is that ever done?


Sounds very nice! Yes, I would choose a black bench for under the window to pull the look together.

As far as wall colors, you have a lot going on with the black and red accents so I would look at getting a taupe color on the walls so the beautiful black hutch and red pieces show up more. This will make everything "pop." I would alos say to choose a taupe with grey tones to it so it doesn't blend too much with your cabinetry and flooring and counters.

Good luck....sounds beautiful!


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