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I have been working interior decorating jobs on the side for a few months now, mostly as favors for friends. Now I would like to start making money at this. I know enough to make a buisness out of it, but I do not have a license. I do not want to become an interior designer and I have seen many articles on 6 month courses to become an interior decorator but I would like to start now. I am wondering how do I start working as an interior decorator without taking a course? Is there a state license or county license I need? I want everything to be legal before I have any paying clients. Any info would be apreciated thanks so much.

Rules and regulations vary by state and municipality, so you must check with licensing bureaus in your area.  There is no "Interior Decorator" license that I'm aware of.  Virtually anyone can call themselves an interior decorator, it's interior designers who have to be credentialled to be known as such and have professional memberships in national affiliations.

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