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I have remodeled a Rambler I have natural hickory cabinets in a "u" shaped kitchen with a penisula sandwich bar/counter seperating kitchen dining area.  tile is rocca grey in kitchen and entry.  laminate floor (wood color uknown as of yet for the remainder of the flooring inclucing living room which is all open through kitchen,dining, living. Paint for walls in kitchen and formal dining are tan and living room is like an olive green.  Trim is white. outletcovers,cabinet nobs and some appliances are satin nickle. I have a sofet over the penisula with three overhead light recepticles, one light recepticle over the sink, and ceileing fan in entry of kitchen/informal dining area.  I want all these to coorilate any ideas? the ceilings are a knockdown white normal 8' ht. the other lighting in kitchen and formaldining is can lights (5 in each area). Country setting

Hi Tom,
In an open space like yours, I would stay away from any lighting arrangement that involves different light fixtures you can enhance the beautiful space you have created by keeping it simple and unified.  Therefore, I would recommend recessed lighting, preferably with fixtures that hide in a space inside the ceiling (if budget and ceiling structure permit).  Although they are modern lighting fixtures, because they disappear in the ceiling they go in any setting.  They are great for low to medium height ceilings, and you can position them to shine at any object and space you want.  For some mood lighting you can place floor cans at well planned strategic places to either shine on an object, for example a plant or a screen, or in an empty corner in a room you want a splash of light from an unobtrusive source.  This way you are creating wonderful illuminations shining downwards and upwards.  The effect is always pleasing when we light to illuminate beautiful objects rather than using light fixtures, especially in small space, as accessories.  We do not try to light a room, we light objects in a room.  The recessed lights and floor cans will provide you with both functional and mood lighting.  And always, inquire about dimmers and wattage.

Now, unless you are really attached to the ceiling fan, I would try to do without it, and check other alternatives like a window fan or AC.

You are also stating that your outlet covers, cabinet knobs and some appliances are satin nickle.  I would do an inventory check throughout your space and replace all the hardware to the same finish, to succeed a harmonious look.

As for your window treatments in a country setting I will refer you to a web site  Go with something simple maybe with a small print.  The way you described your Rambler I have faith in your good taste.

Good luck with your decorating,

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