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wow, you seem so kind, thanks in advance.  i painted my living room a tear
drop blue (light blue).  not too sure how i like it (my husband does) and then
a friend came over and said it looks like a boy's nursery and now that is stuck
in my head.  the living room does't get hardly any natural light it is approx.
14'x18'.  after spending $60. just in the paint, i don't want to spend any more
money except for trim.  i am seeing a light grayish trim color to make the
blue look better, what do you think or suggest about that or anything else?

Hey Michelle,
Thanks for your consideration.It was really nice to hear you say that. Well i dont really see any reason for you to be worried about your room. Light Blue is a very good color. However just to release your tension, instead of going with grey, i suggest you to take on white trim. grey may make your room look a bit dull.

Apart from that you may hang a huge painting on the main wall. What this will do is that it will attract the attention off from other walls and towards itself. I am attaching a pic alongwith. This is just to give you an idea of what kind of painting you may use.

Thing is that I dont have a pic of your room. Makes a bit difficul to visualize. If you want you can send me the pic of your room at If I could see it once then may be I get better ideas. What I have written here is just from the sheer perspective of imagination.

One thing I would say that if others are not liking your wall then your task is simple, 'make them like it'. Send me the pics. Along with some things which you think can be used to decorate your room. We can work things out very well.

Hoping to hear from you.

Thanks n Regards

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