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attached is an image of my living room. it is basically a blank slate, i do not plan to change the wall colour, however i have purchased a entertainment centre (in image attached) for the TV. my problem is i want to add sheer / silk curtains but am at a loss what colour to use. what colour rods do u suggest, i was thinking black with a decorative end. i think my cushions are ugly but i will have to work with them for now. do u think i should change them to a one colour? if so what colour do u think i should use. i am also at a loss as to what else will fit in the space so it can look homely. what do u suggest. i really need your help!

Hi debbie,
Your cushions are not ugly, believe me. Yes you may go with black rods with decorative ends and use brown sheers or white sheers on them.

I dont really suppose you need to change your cushions however if you are uncomfortable you may use black n white cushions.

For the rest of the space, I would suggest you to place a plant nex to the TV set. Follow it up with a huge painting behind the TV, cause I feel that your walls are very blank.
And if you may so, then try changing the color of your door to some woody color, say Cherry wood.

From the ceiling hang a light that comes to the center of the room, or if you think it will cause problems in movement then towards the point where the two sofa's meet.
Just to help you out with the kind of light I am talking about, have a look at the picture i'v attached.

I hope I could be of some help, just as you have been by attaching the picture.

Thanks n Regards
Sarthak Bartaria,

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