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I have a living room 16' (front of house) by 22'(front to back of house) with a sitting room beyond this room 16' by 9' (which is part of the same room but with 4' walls separating the two rooms (used to be a dining room but changed it to a sitting room.  It has a couch and chair.  My concern is with the 16' by 22' room.  On the right side of the 22' wall will be a 122" wall unit with a 50" t.v.  On the left side of the 22' wall is where is want to position couch.  I originally wanted a sectional/couch loveseat, but when you come in the front door which is on the left of the 16' wall, you will not be able to even see the sitting room because the loveseat or right side of the sectional will block this area.  How far from left wall can i go with loveseat or right side of sectional to provide enough walking area between end of couch and wall unit and still be able to see the room beyond this living space.  I hope you can understand my explanation.
The only alternative is not to have a loveseat or a very short right sided sectional.  Would you agree? Or can I position a couch on angle or something.  Thanks so much for your time and patience.  I need help.

couple of options:
1) maybe it's possible to create a traffic flow "behind" the sectional by moving the sectional away from the wall by about 3'. this would allow you to create an area in front of your wall unit (which i'm assuming is an entertainment piece) and make what is called a "space within a space" in your living room. if you could move the sectional 4' away from the wall you could work in a sofa table/console behind the sectional as well.
2) have you thought of purchasing two exactly alike sofas and placing them face to face perpendicular to the wall unit? this always makes a nice finished look and looks very intentional as a design idea. this way you get about the same amount of sofa area as with a sectional without the area needed for one.
3) with 22' of length in this room you could create multiple seating areas with smaller pieces of furniture.

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