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Tired of current living room arrangement and need some help. From front door of house you walk directly into living room, open staircase immediately on your left creats a short wall (6ft), next to that wall is 15ft has 5ft passage way into dining room in center, next wall is about 21ft and has fireplace centered on it, next wall coming back to front door is about 15ft and has door and front windows. Where to put the furniture (sofa, love seat, coffee table, and tv) without blocking walk way and being comfortable for conversation and tv watching???

My best suggestion is to play with the furniture arrangement on paper.  To do this, purchase some graph/quadraline paper.  Using one square = one foot, you can "layout" your rooms, marking doorways, windows etc.  Then after measuring your furniture, do "cutouts" of the big pieces (again one square of paper = one foot) and play with placing them on the layout.  

Remember a couple of things:  Your natural focal point - around which everything should be oriented - is the fireplace.  If you use the tv in the same room as the fireplace, avoid a fight for attention by placing the tv on the same wall or at least adjacent to the fireplace; and that your furniture does not have to be up against walls.  It can (and in your case, should) float in the space.  This may mean putting the couch directly facing the fireplace, or to one side or the other of it.  

If you take the time to draw out the space and the furniture, you'll have a much greater idea of how your furniture can fit in the room.  


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