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living room  
Hi.  Our house is a rustic, country style.  The living room is the problem at the moment.  Construction is almost finished and now it's time to think about furniture and decorating.  I read about focal points everywhere, yet it seems that we will have 3!  we have a corner stove fireplace on left of big window and then we plan to build a large media wall on the right wall.  I was hoping to make it a large wall to wall wood unit, mostly with doors so all the stereo and tv equipment and cabling does not show.  We were thinking of a U shaped sofa that would then face the window but something feels uncomfortable to me. And we still have time to change our plans!
From the photo you can also see the fireplace is unfinished and that is also something that needs to be planned (i want simple and as traditional as possible and husband wants busy construction with shelves and doors for wood storage).  All furniture you see in the room (except for fireplace and window) is just temporary.  Help?  Photo attached.

Hi Rosi

I really do think you have a problem with your room and it will not be easy to position your furniture so that it is right for every eventuality.

By that I mean that there are times when you will want to be facing the TV, times when you want to sit by the fire and times when you might want to read a book and look out at your garden.

I think the problem with a U shaped sofa is that it won't give you much flexibility and I think if it was my room I would be more inclined towards smaller furniture that can be moved slightly to suit your purpose.  A pair of individual small armchairs by the fire for example and a sofa and chairs that can face the window to enjoy the lovely view but can be easily turned slightly in an evening when you want to face the TV.

Of course you will want your room to look good but that cannot be at the expense of comfort and practicality and that really needs to be your guide when it comes to arranging your furniture.

How will you use the room?  How many of you live in the house and will need a comfortable seat?  Is watching TV something you do often or are you more inclined towards reading and listening to music?

One option that might work would be to have your sofa facing the window with an armchair at either end at right angles to the sofa, facing each other.  This way you have one chair facing the media wall and your sofa facing the window which will be lovely during the day when you want to enjoy the view.

As I said though, this depends entirely on the make up of your family and how you most enjoy using this room.

Kind regards,


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