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My sofa is a camel color, carpet is light beige.  I just painted the living room a light yellow, front door, frames and  baseboards are white. I am finding it too pale and bland.  The living room wall extends through the dining room & is the same color.  My dining room chairs are maroon.  I want something a little bolder for the wall color, but am afraid to paint too dark.  I don't want taupe walls which seems to be popular now. Also what color of drapes would be good?


For walls you have to much tan colors and that why it is bland for do you have a accent color in the LR i know in the DR accent is Maroon so therefore I think that the color should be a more coral or terra cotta color for walls.

As or drapes well somethings are a little to much so either do drapes in nuetral sheers or depending on your style go with something that at least matches one thing in the room really well for even flow in the room.

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