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I'm 28 & live in a tiny studio apartment=very limited space! I was
organizing some things, & my question: WHAT DO I DO WITH MY
HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA? (I never went to college) I don't want to
hang it up, & throwing it out seems extreme! But my mom has a
small crowded garage & wouldn't be thrilled w/more to crowd
her space.(she said so) I don't blame her! Should I take a picture
of it? For proof I graduated? What would a perfectionist/
professional organizer do?     Waiting 4 reply,   laura  

Go to a Target or even Walmart and get a 1 page black  portfolio (bound book) and stick it in there. This way it will be protected behind the plastic, it will look great, and best of all, you can put it on your bookshelf, in the closet, or under your bed without worring about it getting wrinkled or damaged.

Thanks for your question Laura.

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