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I live in a 1967 colonial.  My furniture is Hendredon 1959-1960 contemporary made out of solid walnut.  It is sleek  and just the right size for the room.  The bed is kingsize with a matching headboard.  I love the furniture, although it all matches.  I have a western facing double window, as well as a single northern window.  The furniture really can't be moved.  I have thought about using drapes to cover the double window, maybe even covering the whole wall on that side.  I am stuck on color scheme.  I like earthy tones.  I just don't know what color to paint the walls and what to use as bedding and curtains.  Do I put a dark color on the wall or light? The room is about 11x12. When I think of contemporary design, I think of texture.  How much is too much and is that better with a monochromatic look?

Thanks for you imput.

Your Henredon bedroom suite sounds gorgeous!  Why not try yellow tones to complement the walnut?  This is a great complement to the mid-dark tones and will look marvelous against the grain pattern.  

Have fun with seeking that perfect color by selecting paint chips and placing one on each wall. That's four best choices.  Live with them for a few days noticing what happens when the light changes.

After selecting one of the yellow'll be shocked at how large the room becomes after you've painted.  Add simple linens and a bedspread.  Crisp white linens with a creamy textured bedspread and pillow shams would look elegant against the dark wood.  Think of a vacation in the Caribbean and how a small boutique hotel would decorate its rooms.  Add greenery and textured woven basket accents for casual comfort yet upscale luxury.  

Take your time choosing linens...and don't try and match!  No bed in a bag here...the best finds are on the sale racks.  Combine small prints and texture with crisp whites and creams.  Make the beautiful walnut suite the focal point.

Good Luck!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID

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