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Hello, I have a  duprella red couch and chaise lounge,from Ashley Furniture.. (it is shown online), that i recently purchased and do not know what color to paint the walls.. i am told that gold matches, the red, but i prefer not to paint gold..i do like earth tones,

i can send you a pic of the couch and the room if acceptable.. the room is trimmed in white,, the floor is a auburn color laminate floor.

Also i cannot find a rug with some red in it to match the couch.

Please Help!

Hi Diane,

Thanks for writing. If you like the earth toned colors, then go with a nice taup color. This will give you the warmth of gold and will look great with the red. There are many taup colors out there, so best thing to do is to go to your local paint store with fabric from your couch and select three that look well and then bring them home and see what looks best in your light.

As far as rigs go, go to and hit the link under the rugs section. Here you will find many styles and colors of rugs at great prices.

As always, I encourage you to send pictures of your completed projects to anytime.

Thanks again.


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