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Hi!  I really hope you can help me with this... here goes:

I have 2 dresser's and a night table that I have stripped the paint off of. I had originally planned on staining them, but I recently saw in a magazine, mirrored furniture.  Is there any way that I can do this myself, inexpensively? I don't have the money for new furniture, and would really like to create my own.  I am trying for an elegant look. So I'm not sure if tiling it with little mirror squares would give me the look I'm interested in.  Another problem I think I might have with the way I want it, is one of the dressers and the night table have curvy a full sheet of glass may not work for that...I might have to tile it, or panel it.  If you can tell me a simple and affordable way to do this, I would really really appreciate it!  Thanks! have 2 large mirrors from a bathroom...I haven't looked at them (since I just got this idea and I'm at work)...they might be too thick and heavy...but if they're much would it cost to have them cut? And where could I go to have them cut?   What would I use to stick it to the furniture?  Thank you in advance for your help!  :)  Jenna


Thanks for writing and for your question about mirrors and tiling surfaces with them.  

First, let me share with you the fact that there are mirror "tiles" in various sizes, all custom-order and expensive from tile retailers.  There are also precut mirror tiles that are roughly 6 x 6 or so, available in boxes at your local home improvement center.  These are of course not small, and must be cut to fit the space they occupy.  The adhesive used depends upon the product and the surface it is applied to.  Some larger tiles can be placed using "liquid nails" or the equivalent.

Now to your furniture.  My first caution is that it may be too difficult to do.  Curves present a real problem because obviously glass tiles do not bend.  Beyond that, you "could" purchase the custom-made glass pieces in a bullnose or edging shape, but you would be looking at a great deal of expense, that you may not be satisfied with, or worse, you might hate.  

My best advice is this.  Since you have stripped and sanded the furniture surface, consider staining or painting it.  If you specifically want some mirrored tile on the pieces, select areas that you can dedicate to mirror tile, adding molding around the edges for a finished and professional look.  

I seriously think in this case "less is more", and that if you combine the process of stain and glass, you will be happiest.  

Glass tiles can be cut by scoring (with a diamond bit tool, available at your local home improvement or hardware store) and then snaping.  Wear gloves, eye protection, and since you've never done this before, ask you home improvement sales person to show you the process.  They will also assist you in purchasing the appropriate adhesive and moldings.


PS:  Mirrors and glass are best cut and installed by professional glass suppliers.  Check your local yellow pages for a glass store in your area.  

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