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hello- i am 50yrold f who has unfortuanely been disabled due to a chiro manipulation (no sue, although if anyone deserved it was me) (75%well now but was bedrid for 3 1/2 yrs. I cant work and had opportunity to move into 1/2 side of very large country ranch home. the bath has some kind of leeakage?/ moisture prob. It is wallpapererd but mold come through. I can not $$ have drywall replaced and owner can not at this time either. Can I wash w/borax? clorox? and then prime paper w/wallpaper primer so i can paper over all as a temp fix to a severe problem. I cant stand to look at this ugly bathroom. I am afraid to take paper down due to breathing mold and who knows... The home foundation is elevated. Thank you so very kindly for your help.  It means more than you realize.  Happy 4th.  Sandy  


I am afraid that if you wallpaper over the existing mold you are creating more of enviroment for mold to spore and create more problems than you already have finding a good drywall person should be not that hard here are some free estimate suggestions they come right away and call within 24 hours


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