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Consider the given design.  The wall between my kitchen and living room is vaulted to 12 ft.  The exterior walls are 8 ft.  There is a doorway between the kitchen and living area on the east side.  You can walk a circle in the adjoined areas.  I have always liked crown moulding and large floor moulding.  My neighbor says I cannot use these mouldings in my house as the style is not appropiate for a house with vaulted ceilings.  I don't intend to use the crown moulding on the vaulted wall.  Does having vaulted ceilings prevent me from using moulding or wainscoting?  Also, I want to paint the area.  How many colors can I use in the three adjoining areas?  I was considering using color A on the north,south and east living room walls.  Color B on the west dining wall.  Color C on north, east and south kitchen walls.  I realize these colors will have to coordinate or match in some way.  How bold or how subtle should I be with the color differences?  Colors I am considering are brown(like brown papar bags) for living room, eggplant (dining wall), and green (kitchen walls).  South living room wall 20' in length.  West dining wall 25' in length.  North kitchen wall 25' in length.  Dividing vaulted wall 8' in length.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

You can use any type of molding you choose.  The "style" of the architecture guides us but does not dictate to us.  If you want a bold floor molding, use it.  If you want to create a chair rail (wainscotting) you can do that as well, remembering that the placement of the molding is where the eye "stops" (like chopping a wall visually in half).  

You color coordination sounds fine.  Just be sure that you have natural stopping/starting points for paint and that you don't try to divide a wall with two colors.  Also, make sure the paint "intensity" is the same across the three colors.  (If the green is #2 on the paint strip, make sure the eggplant is #2 on the next paint strip etc.) That creates harmony when the same color hues are used.

Good luck in your painting project!


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