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Hi Benjamin! I hope you can help my husband and I. We have a living/dining room combo in the very front of our house. The room is long and not very wide. We have 4" plantation shutters on all the windows in the room that we absolutely love. Here's my question: we would like to paint a wall in the room but we're unsure of what color and which wall. We have a very long wall that connects the living room to the dining room and we would like to add some color but we don't know if we should paint the long wall. I want a deep red, but my husband thinks red is too bold for an entire wall. The rest of our house is done in all neutral colors,  but I need some color!! Please tell me what you think. All the furniture in that room is dark. We have a black leather couch, chair and recliner and a cherrywood dining room table and hutch. Help us! Thank you so much Benjamin!


Hi Amy,

I love the idea of having your colored wall be the long one that connects the two rooms. By doing this, you will make the room appear bigger as well and connect the two rooms making a better flow through the area.

Now the red wall will be bold, but it doesn't have to be "in your face!" To acheive a "not so loud" red wall, go with a darker deap red (instead of a bright light colored red) Also when painting ared wall you need to first prime the wall a DARK GREY. This will show the true color. If you do not do this your red wall will turn out PINK! I think the red and neutral colors would work well together along with your black furniture. What I don't like is the cherry wood furniture and the red mixed, so my only advice would be to not put your cherry wood hutch against the red wall.

Otherwise you are going to go!

Happy painting and thanks for writing.


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