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Settle a disagreement please.  We are installing new doors and frames into a new room.  I say stain before we install (room is freshly painted) my husband says stain after we install.  What do you say and why?

Hi Laura;
When I paint or stain any door, I prefer it to be in the horizontal position, sitting on two saw horses, because it is not only easier to work with, but your chances of drips, are greatly reduced.  

To further illustrate my position, take a drop of water, which is the consistency of stain and put it on a horizontal surface as well as a vertical one. What happens?
This should be your proof.

Staining and sealing before installation also helps to keep the stain off of the surrounding area, because as careful as you might be, your chances for getting stain on the wall are greatly increased after the doors and surround are attached.
Hope this helps.

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