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I'd like to update the look from country to a more contemporary look: We bought a newer house (built in '94) with beautiful medium toned oak floors, doors, wainscoting,and chair rails in the kitchen/dining/entryway and hallway. In addition, the high quality kitchen cabinets are the same oak. The appliances are black. The kitchen and dining areas are painted a nice bright green apple color which looks really nice with the oak.  The dark brass kitchen cabinet pulls and the dark brass chandelier in the dining area are horrible!  I want to keep the oak, but update the cabinet pulls and light!  There are 4 recessed lights in the kitchen, but it's still quite dim at night -  I was thinking about hanging 3 pendant lights over the island at various lengths with bright glass globes of either green or green specks.  Also, they have a matching 6 light pendant fixture that could go over the dining table.  You can choose between black, white or a brushed nickle pendant fixture and hanging cord. Our dining table is a matching oak color.  Help!
Also, the family room is off the kitchen/dining area, and has a horrid dark peach paint.  The fireplace is red brick (1/2 inch fake brick) and we are tearing it out and replacing it with marble.  The carpet is a light neutral beige...I need to paint the walls with a color that will match the bright green kitchen as one room flows into the other. The kitchen, dining, family room are in a space that spans a 16x36 area. The kitchen/dining and family room areas are separated by two oak columns(actually they are square shaped and go from floor to ceiling) on either side of the dining area wall, up against the wall - one houses the central vac duct and the other is there to balance and match. Thus, the green paint color would be seperated from the family room color by the oak columns.  

I have not picked out family room furniture as of yet although I did see a bright cranberry colored couch and loveseat that had a coordinating cranberry, cream, and green (the same green as our kitchen) striped chair and couch/loveseat pillows that I really liked.

Favorite colors: I really love cranberry and cinnamon colors.  


You're on the right track.  Change the hardware from brass to chrome or nickle.  Change the light fixtures to pendants in the green (if you like the green).  Change the hanging fixture out for something chrome and more contemporary (clean lines, simple...)  Find a complimentary green for the family room.  Don't use the same, but pick something within the same color family of green and use that.  It will be awesome with cranberry couches OR cinnamon.  Accent the cranberry/cinnamon and draw it into the kitchen area with accessories - not a lot, just a touch here and there.  


PS:  Green and red are color opposites and therefore work great with one another.  Very chic!  Add some black and some chrome too.

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