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I have a house built in the 50's. The bathroom has a green tile on the walls half way up. It is a lite green. I would like to paint the top half in something that would go with or blend with the tile. I am at a total lose coming up with something. I just tried a large stripe in a rose pink color and I don't like that. Can you please give me some ideas? I have thought of sponging several colors but as I say I just can't come up with anything. I would very much appreciate any ideas you can give me.

Hi Julie,

Give yourself some credit.  Pink was a great choice, because red is the color opposite of green and the colors go well together.  What might have made you feel better (since the tile is a pale green) is to do a stripe in a softer shade of pink intermixed with a pin-stripe of white and a larger stripe of the SAME green as the tile.  

If you want to sponge paint (another great idea) you have even more choices in color combinations. I would always use an odd number of colors (3, 5, etc.) and keep in mind that the color you sponge on or apply LAST will be the color you see most of.

If you want an overall "same" look (monochromatic - one color) then apply a pale pink or coral, a white (off-white is good) or taupe shade, then sponge on the same color green as the tile.  

If you prefer more drama, a dramatic color would be deep cranberry, purple, aubergine (eggplant), dark navy blue or a darker green.

If you want clean, crisp and simple opt for a bright white and add a simple pin stripe in navy or green.

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