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Thank you for answering me so quickly, You mentioned the sofa is screaming for warmth, I have an almond toast paint color in their which is a dark golden tan in my LR but it is too dark for my dining room/kitchen. when I change the color If I do not go gold tones,  Is beige considered a warm color ? Also, how close does the paint need to match my countertops or does that matter so much.
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I am trying to decide on paint color. We knocked our wall to our dining room out and now it connects to our living room. I need to make the walls flow. In my kitchen I have Jamoca Granite laminate counter tops which has black, beige, gray and maybe some light beigy gold tone, my tile floor beige with some gray tone to it.
My Living room is dark burgundy leather sofa, I have a chair that has burgundy, navy blue , hunter green, and gold tan and some beige in it. I need curtains in both rooms. I have a massive stone fireplace in the living room that is tan with gold tones to it.
My question is do I have to worry about the tile floor going with my paint or is that such a neutral color and do you have any guidelines I could use to figure out what color to go with , I am trying to decide if I can use gold tones on the wall or if I need to stay with beige tones. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi Connie,

If you prefer gold tones to beige, you can certainly use them in combination with your current color scheme.  The floor is a neutral, as is the fireplace color.  Your leather piece screams for  some other warmth in the room, and gold may be just the right choice for you.  Stay away from yellow -- make sure the golden color is golden.  Carry the same paint color throughout the spaces for uniformity.  Then coordinate your drapery fabric with your furniture fabrics and you'll be styling high.



I guess in the strictest sense of the word, beige is not a warm tone.  BUT...that depends on the amount of gold/yellow cast it has.  

Warm tones are:  reds and yellows (which makes your couch qualify as a warm tone).  

I can't imagine the "Almond Toast" color you describe as being too dark, but will have to take your word for that. It sounds like a great color that would act as a wonderful backdrop for the rest of the space.

Matching the countertop and/or flooring isn't what you're really after here.  Both are neutral enough to "go" with just about any color.  


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