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Thank you for answering me so quickly.
Who makes the creamy white paint?
you mentioned that gold tones would be nice.
My friend suggested restrained gold by sherwin williams, are you familiar with that color or do you know the name of another gold tone you were thinking about. Can alot of colors go with gold tones?
Also, in my LR I have crown molding which is not white but brown (oak I think) on the two ends where the ceiling gets higher above the crown molding is some wall that is like a triangle.
Could I paint those ends an accent color or would that look choppy?
I also am going to have to change my valances in my LR , Is there a rule of thumb in picking out fabric to go with what you have.
Thank you for your help
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Question -
Please Help me, I think I am going crazy on paint color!  We knocked our dining room wall out which now joins with our living room. So I feel like I need to paint the walls the same so it will flow. My counter tops are Jamoca Granite which is black, beige, tan and some grey. My tile floor is beige w/ grey tones with a big bow window.  
My living room is beige carpet, massive stone fireplace with tans, gold and some orange tones.
My sofa is dark burgundy leather couch, I have two upholstered chairs which one is navy blue w/beige dots one it. the other chair is burgundy, navy, tan, gold, beige.
I have crown molding all around the room that is not white but brown (I think Oak). I have a dark armoire, dark brown piano. three big windows.
Would you please guide me in the direction of paint color.
Thank you so much,
Confused Connie

Answer -

Thanks for writing.

Well, you definatly have enough beige tones in the space! I would suggest bringing out a color from your side chairs. The gold may be a nice color. You could also paint 1 accent wall...maybe in the burgandy or navy blue to bring everything together. A soft creamy white would alos complement the space well. I am not a big fan of white walls, but I have found myself using this beautiful creamy white a lot lately. It has a tone of cream in it and is very soft, unlike a stark white. The trick is to put the creamy white into the ceiling also for best results. This would also brighten up the space with all the dark furniture.

Good luck.



Any company carries those creamy white colors. If you find a color you like, just take it to your paint store to have them match it to the brand of paint you want. Sherwin William's paint is crap! It mostly containes chemicals and water and will take double coats to get the true color through. For a nice middle of the road paint that isn't too expensive, try Benjamin Moore. For a high end paint that contains almost no water, go with Dimond Volgo.

Almost any color will go with the gold toned paint. Anything except colors like greys and some pastel blues may look pretty tacky.

As far as the crown molding, keep it the same color as what your doing the rest of the room, othewise it will get choppy.

For your new valance, the only thing I can suggest is to pick fabric that picks up some colors in the room. Go to a local fabric store and bring samples home. This is the best way to see them in your light!

Have fun.


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