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We've lived in our home a couple of years.  When we purchased it the family before had painted the rooms in bright colors.  Some I like and left,  others I didn't and painted over.  Now we are going to be selling and I'm thinking that not everyone comes into a home thinking about repainting.   The one room I want to neutralize just a little is the master bedroom and bath.  They are both painted blue.   And I mean BLUE.  Think Smurf blue.  That was THE room that was going to get repainted.  After painting two rooms that took several coats,  suddenly the blue just didn't look so bad.  I got bedding that was a fun, beachy stripe (we live by a lake in South Carolina),  our furniture is cherry and it actually looked not so bad.   But I do feel it needs to be toned down to help sell.  Here is the issue.  The ceilings and walls are all painted the same blue color.  The ceilings are quite high with white crown molding around the top.  The bedroom has a trayed ceiling and the bathroom is vaulted.  What I would LIKE to do is not to have to paint the ceiling at all.   I could manage the walls in the bedroom with the crown molding being the break point,  and maybe paint the back wall  and the little water closet in the bathroom just to break up all that blue.   My question is,  finally,  do you think I can get away with NOT painting the ceilings?   And if so,  what color would you use for the walls.  I can easily change out my bedding...that's not an issue.  I initially thought maybe some kind of a taupey beigey sandy color but don't  know how that would go against the white crown molding and the white fixtures in the bathroom.  Then I thought maybe a pale blue in the same family of the blue that is already there.  That might soften up the blue and I could use creams and blues for bedding.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

I'd opt for a taupe.  My favorite is Glidden's Toasty Grey.  You "may" be able to get away with not painting the ceiling, but I wouldn't count on it with any color choice.  If nothing else, paint it the same color (taupe) as the walls.  This color is beautiful with white, with black and is a great neutral.

Good luck on the resale of your home, and thanks for writing with your questions.


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