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I am a member of a small church that meets in an office complex; not a traditional church building.  We are nondenominational and contemporary.  My question is about our entrance foyer wall colors and funiture; and a question about the sanctuary colors. First question: We want the small foyer to portary a very contemporary, warm, inviting, neutral atmosphere; also would like to have a small coffee bar and maybe a living room style coffee table and two or three chairs.  The floor is wood.  The foyer is approximately 25x16.  Second question.  The sanctuary has nice red cloth stackable chairs (140); walls are bone white.  Would another wall color for the sanctuary be better than bone white to coordinate with the foyer and make it more contemporary, warm and inviting? Thanks, Dwane


Thanks for writing.

For your foyer color, go with a yellow tone. Try to pick a pale creamy yellow...nothing too bright and overwhelming. Instead warm and inviting.

For the sanctuary and could bring in that yellow color again on 2 of the walls as accent walls and then have another color on the other two walls such as a pale creamy blue (almost a blue/grey toned color). Otherwise, just choose 1 color such as the blue/grey or a light cream or a pale green.

Good luck!


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