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Decorating & Furniture/paint colors in my living-dining-kitchen space


Hi Sarthak,

I have a medium sized space on the main floor of my house which is a living-dining-kitchen combined space (there are no walls or partitions in between). My furniture (sofa, dining table and chairs, TV stand) is dark brown with light olive green and red accents (pillows, vases etc). The kitchen has black appliances, light brown cupboards, and dark brown granite counter top.

I want to use light olive green on the walls, with a red on some parts of the kitchen side wall (maybe as a backsplash). I am unable to decide if I should use red on the entire kitchen walls or not, because demarcating the kitchen area from the rest of the living area might make the room look even smaller.

Your opinion will be highly appreciated.


Hi Sowmya,
Are you from India?? Well what you say is correct demarcating the kitchen area will make your room look much smaller. I think using red on some parts would be appropriate cause it will then add on to the design features. However if you have ample space in the room then you may use red completely.

See the Overall idea comes this way, if you have a huge room then go for complete red. Otherwise if you have a small room then if your room has ample space ( as in if its kinda lightly set up room ) then you may think of the red color. But at the end make sure that the room should look light and spacious.

But as of what I understand from your Question I would suggest you to go with Olive green only and red as a back splash...good combination!!!

Hope this could be of some help to you

Take Care


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