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Hi Jenny,
I have picked a deep rich gold to paint in my living room.  My problem is it is very open to the kitchen/dinning area, which I want to paint a different color.  Everything in the kitchen is nutral, gray floor, beige counter tops.  Can you sugest a color for the kitchen that would go with the gold? (Benjamin Moore dorset gold)
Should it be something in the same color, or contrasting?  Since the gold is such a warm color shoud I choose another warm color or a cool color?
I am open to any color except green.  I have a casual style, and dont like anything too formal or fussy.
Thanks for your help.


The key here is to maintain the "intensity" of color from room to room.  Look at your paint swatch from Ben Moore and see where the Dorset Gold falls on it.  Count either from the top or bottom.  Then, when selecting a new color, select another BM shade that is the same intensity by counting up or down and selecting a shade that's the same (number down or up) as the Gold.  By doing so, you know that you have the same intensity or "color hue" and you'll be able to pair it with your choice of colors.


PS:  You can pair warm with cool tones as long as they have the same color hue.  Typically if you like warm tones, you'll choose other warm tones and vice versa.

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