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I am buying a house with a very high vaulted ceiling in the living room. I want a somewhat formal look in the room, so I was thinking of painting the walls a deep red with a leather technique. I thought a solid color would make the room too dark, so I also wanted to put a cream colored wainscot around the bottom (or chair rail with cream color below). I still have some concern about the tallest wall overpowering the room. What would you suggest to lighten up the room and divide the monochrome? I thought also about putting molding around the perimeter at the height of the hallway ceiling where the room opens up, but I was afraid having three colors would be too much (assuming I keep the waiscotting idea).


If you want a formal look, using the leather technique is fine.  You do not want to put a lighter color at the bottom of the wainscotting however, as it will make the room feel unbalanced.  

If you divide the wall space with a chair railing, particularly if you paint it in any contrasting color, you will achieve the effect you want.  

Adding moldings is fine as long as they're base moldings or crown moldings.  Don't try to divide the wall by creating a "line" with molding at the height of the hallway ceiling.

If you're worried about overpowering the room with this color, select a more subtle shade of red.


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