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HI Jenny!! I have recently moved to a home where all the walls and ceilings are textured. For the most part, I like it. My Problem? I can't afford new carpeting right now (living room, hall and 10 year old sons room is hunter green). I worked with the color for the living room and hall by putting a rich cream color on the walls. My sons room is unfinished, however. It is a 9 1/2  x  11 1/2 room. With the textured walls, I can't wallpaper like I wanted. With the green carpet, I feel limited on the color choices to paint. How can I decorate and paint his room to add color and vibrance with a calming effect with this green carpet? Sometimes I think I should just splurge on carpet. (The carpet is in great condition). Would that truely be easier or do you have some awesome suggestions? Thank-you for your time!



If you want a cooler feel (as opposed to a rich one) for your son's room, you can use "harmonic" color for the wall.  These range from yellow to blue.  If you'd prefer a bit more drama, use a color opposite like shades red, red orange or red violet.  For a monochromatic look, use a lighter shade of green for the walls.

Before you bolt at the thought of orange walls and green carpet, here's the situation you are facing. Your walls and ceilings are undoubtedly white and they are in direct contrast to the deep, dark carpet color.  

When you add color to the walls - even minute color like cream beige - you are lessening the contrast, which is more pleasing to the eye.

While you don't mention your son's age, most boys like greens and blues.  I would opt for a medium to light shade of green for the walls, or use a blue that lends itself toward a greyed down blue, almost dusty purple.  

Your carpet does direct your color choices, but since green is an earthy color, I would work with it until it needs to be replaced.  By adding rich hues (in other parts of the house) of terra cotta (orange), claret (red), golds, other greens and touches of aubergine (purple), you'll have a truly magnificent home.

Thanks for writing.  Good luck on your paint project.

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