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I dont really know a lot about painting but I had this bright idea to paint my room yellow.  Um unfortunately the color looks too bright on my wall is there anything I can do to tone it down or will I have to re-do the entire room with more primer and another color? help please.  

Thanks for writing.  Unfortunately, you selected the hardest color to paint - yellow.  I've known professional painters who had to literally put on 10 or more coats to make the color correct.  

My best suggestion is one of two things - either sponge paint over the yellow with another color (this means the yellow still shows through) or paint another color entirely.  If the color you select is darker than the yellow, you will not have to add a primer.  Check with your local paint store/supplier to be sure.


PS:  If you want to know more about sponge painting, visit or  

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