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I have a cast iron or wrought Iron dining set that I guess was painted gray and gold. Its a nice dining set but I would like to repaint it flat black how could I go about doing that? Is there any stripping involved even though no paint is chipping? If you cannot answer my question please direct me to someone that can.  

Dear Deanna,
Repainting metal furniture is really easy. If the paint does not chip and the metal is not rusting there is no need for stripping. Instead you need to clean the furniture thoroughly and to slightly sand down the old paint (to get a more rough surface that gives the new paint a good grip). Next, you prime the entire surface with a quality metal primer. This improves the adhesion of the final coat of paint. Let dry. Apply the final colour coats. It is better to apply the paint in light coats rather than trying to cover the surface at one time. This will minimize or eliminate paint sagging or runs. Follow your paint manufacturer's instructions for drying time between coats.

Best of luck!


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