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My husband and I live in an older 'cape cod' type home without the dormers. The upstairs was two rooms; we tore down the wall and made one big bedroom. My problem is how to paint the walls/ceiling. The walls are slanted; the bottom portion is straight and about three feet; the next section is about four feet with a deep slant and then there is the actual 'ceiling'. A thin section running down the middle of the whole room. Do I paint with the slanted and straight sections the same color and the ceiling a different color? Please help! Thanks!

Willietta Lee

Hello Willietta,
Some owners of Cape Cod homes solve this problem by adding beadboard.  Its installed as a wainscot and then painted white.  This divides the straight from the angled and keeps the line/height of the wainscot the same around the entire room.  The Cape Cod architecture is beautiful and of course, its White, white and more white!  

Crisp white on the ceilings against vibrant sea-side tones of pastels on the walls.  The color palettes for your Cape Cod cottage is huge and very popular!  Visit a home center and see what colors you have to choose from.  

Oh, add some wicker furnishings and antique collectibles as accents to pull it all together.

Have fun!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID

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