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I just bought a condo and want to get rid of the white. My
question is how to go about painting the walls of adjoining
rooms with a vaulted ceiling. The living room and dining room
are seperated by a fire place and chimney. There is open space
on both side of the chimney to walk around. The ceiling is
vaulted (A frame). I'd like to put a yellow tone in the living room
and a blue in the dining, but I'm not sure what to do when the
walls meet. The rooms share two long walls that stretch between
them. I feel as though I should either leave those white and paint
the remaining two walls and the chimney, or instead of the white
paint those two long walls a neutral color that is complimentary
to the yellow and the blue. Any suggetions?  

Even though the condo is an open concept home, it sounds as though you still have a natural stopping/starting point with the fireplace.  Since you can walk around it, make a choice as to whether to include those walls with the dining room or the living room and start and stop there.  I would most likely consider them living room and go with the yellow.  While I appreciate the ceiling is vaulted, you still have a natural start and stop where the ceiling meets the wall.  Natural points are the place to start and stop color.


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