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I have just recently moved into a one bedroom condo about 600 sq.ft. It is pretty small. This question is about the bathroom. Just to give you an idea of what the layout is I'll explain. As soon as you walk into the washroom you see the bath tub and shower curtain, to the left of the tub is the toilet and right beside that is the sink with a cupboard underneath. And that's it, very compact and very small. Not much storage, to improve storage I wanted to get a cabinet to go over the toilet. There are no windows. And I recently just painted it a bright sunshine yellow with white trim. I'm not sure if I like it yet or if that was the right color to choose do you have any ideas to make the space seem a little bigger and not such a boxed in bathroom. I thought of adding a lighter yellow to the walls and doing some decorative paint job, Can You PLEASE HELP me?
Hope this makes sense!  

Hi Trish,

Thanks for writing, and yes, what you're telling me makes perfect sense.  I too have a bath in my house that is much like yours, and I understand your frustration.

First of all, the paint color may be too strong for the space; not too dark, just too strong.  You can soften it by several methods: glazing over it, repainting, sponging over it with a couple of other shades of yellow or a different set of colors, etc.  

I'd suggest you visit for some faux painting information and how to's.  You can also view some samples to see which technique you prefer.  

Before you make that decision, consider painting your ceiling the same as the walls.  This will make the room appear larger.  When a room's walls are painted a color and the ceiling is left white, the eye is stopped at the point where the color ends and the white begins.  When every "wall" - and your ceiling is your fifth wall - is painted the same color, there is no sudden stop.  This allows the eye to believe the space is larger, taller and less compact.  

Adding storage to the space is another good option.  You can add a cabinet as cheaply as an over the toilet rack.  Check out cabinets at your local hardware or home improvement center before you decide.

Lastly, let me tell you that yellow is the most difficult paint color to select and to cover.  It is translucent, and thereby may take many coats to achieve the actual look you want.  

After your visit to fauxlikeapro, write back if you need additional information or help.


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