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Thanks for responding. My walls are 16' high at the center point where my living room and dining/ kitchen area meet with our foyer. It's very easy to hang and place things at eye level, but it leaves such an empty space higher up. My entertainment center has space directly above it, but only 2.5' on either side. To the right of this entertainment center wall is the tall wall with a moose head near the ceiling with a spot light on it. There is room below the moose if that is appropriate. this wall is 16'L x 8'W.
Then in the kitchen area there is one blank 16'L x 12 wall at the end of my bar. I have a door leading to our basement on the left and 1 shelf at eye level on the right. this leaves a large blank space above. Right now I have an oil painting of pears (2.5' x 2.5') and ceramic jars propped on the shelf. Would it work to eighter put the painting up high on this 16' wall, or maybe put a large clock or something above and center of the wall.
The painting I'd like in the living room area is a Thomas Kincade print of a cottage and stream and may go better with the moose. 3' x 4'.
I hope this all makes sense. I really want to display these beautiful paintings, but it needs to be tasteful too. I'm so not good at this.


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I recently purchased some fairly large, beautiful Thomas Kincade framed art pieces that I would love to hang in my living room. My problem is that my husband is an avid hunter and has a very large Moose head hung and spot lighted on one of my tall walls, near the ceiling. Would it be strange to hang this country cottage painting below a moose at standing eye level? The other option is to place it on the wall next to the one with the moose. This wall has a large screen tv with a nice oak entertainment cabinet. also large. That means the picture would be hung quite high but it would be visible from my sofa and dinig area. I have to keep the Moose. He is quite beautiful, but it's hard to know how to decorate for both our tastes. Any ideas of how to incorporate both ideas and what would be tasteful would be much help.

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Dear Suzanne,
I apologize for the delay; I have been having problems with my internet connection the last couple of months....  Okay, I need to know how tall your tall walls are and if there are any walls available besides the two you mentioned and (!) if there is any space on either side of the entertainment center.  I am also assuming that you are looking for somewhere to hang only one of your paintings?

Thank you,

Dear Suzanne,
I am afraid you're not going to like my answer.  The only wall space you have available is the 16' x 12' wall at the end of your bar.  One wall is dominated by the spotlighted moose.  Adding more art would be too overwhelming.  You need 36" space on each side of the moose to give the eye some resting space.  And you don't have the space on each side of the entertainment center.  So the only available space is the blank wall at the end of the bar.  Check the other rooms in your house.  I'm sure you'll find wall space for your other paintings.  Aslo, don't forgewt, that you can always rotate them every few months to give your home a fresher look.

Good luck with your decorating,

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