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Hi Andrea,
I will be purchasing end and coffee tables along with a sofa and loveseat for a small livingroom. The room is cut off from any other and has wall to wall light beige carpeting. The walls are a very light beige. THere is a bay window with natural wood around it - a wall with a fireplace that has stone (greyish and beige) from the width of the fireplace up to the ceiling. THe walls next to the fireplace have about a foot of wall space, with a four shelf orangish pine bookcase on either side indented into the walls.
My husband and I both kind of fell in love with a set of white end tables and coffee table as well as tv stand. This was paired with a navy blue leather sofa and loveseat - along with Navy and brass lamps.
Can you tell me whether the tables will just blend into the walls and carpet, making for a very boring look, or should I try for tables made out of a wood with some coloring so that there will be some contrast.
Thank you so very much.

Maybe it is just in my house Bobbie but I never seem to see the top of a coffee table.

All I can ever see is:

On a bad day - dirty cups, homework, TV remotes, pens, hair slides and yesterday's newspaper.

On a good day - a lovely dish of fruit or sweets, a stylish coffee table book or a beautifully arranged vase of flowers.

My advice is, if you have seen tables you both love - get them.

If you really feel they look too plain then buy a beautiful dish or set of dishes to place on the top which will be shown off to great effect because of the plainness of the table.

A selection of glass dishes, each one filled with something different - oranges, shiny green apples, sweets in lovely wrappers etc. - lovely.

Kind regards


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