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Hello: we have a 2 bedroom house. when we purchased the home it was listed as a 3 bedroom b/c there is a room off of the basement that was used as a bedroom.  As we would like to start planning a family and need to convert our current quest room into a nursery we are driven to consider the room in the basement once again.  The room is without windows and the walls were covered with a dark paneling which i permitted my husband to paint over in a carribbean yellow and sea green (ugh!) needless to say the room will need to be redone to be suitable for guests. can you help in any way? the room is about 8x10 with a closet, no windows, low ceilings and ceiling light fixture. (one flush to the ceiling). can you offer any suggestions to make the room feel larger and more inviting? the room is separated from the living space (which we use as a family room) by a set of french folding doors.  the primary colors in the family room are maroon and brown...the walls are knotty pine. please help!!!! thank you.  

Here are my suggestions, all of which should help the space be more guest and owner friendly.  First paint the walls and ceiling the same color.  Since the room has no windows, use a pale shade of taupe like a "Tortilla" or even Glidden's Toasty Grey.  It's important that the ceiling AND walls be the same color.  That will actually make the space feel taller.  (When you start and stop color, the eye starts and stops to adjust.)  If you can, make the flooring a similar color, but a couple of shades darker to draw the eye down.  

Remove the overhead fixture and instead, use lamps in the room.  Add some silk greenery (trees would be best) and use uplights on them to brighten from the floor up and create some interest on the ceiling.  

Use a full or queen sized bed in the space; one armoire or chest of drawers and one large -- yes large -- picture for the wall.  Hang the picture at eye level and position it in the spot where a window might otherwise be.  You could even create the illusion of a window with a floor to ceiling drape, and an inexpensive set of blinds.  

Use white or off-white comforter/spread and white accents.  Add one splash of color to the bed -- throw pillows in your favorite color.  Lastly, add hooks (decorative as well as functional) to one wall to accomodate clothing, and when you are expecting guests, add a nice arrangement of fresh flowers.

You'll want to move in there yourself!


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