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Hi...I need help picking colors and ideas for window treatments and furniture for our sunroom/family room. It is an addition to the house and looks out into the back yard and has a deck attached to it.(it is heated and has air)
This is the room we live in and play in with the small grandkids. It has a 14ft cathedral ceiling with 3 big beams placed at 10ft from the floor.The middle beam has 2 light/fans.  The room is 13x24...has 2 sets of sliding patio doors on 2 sides and 3 sets on the back wall..the opposite wall has a door going into the house. (the tv has to stay on this wall) I want to get 2 distressed dark brown leather couches..
new carpet, tables,ect. I want the room to be warm
looking. (It is all cream now with cream verticle blinds,very blah!) I don't want verticle blinds again, need some privacy at night and need to block the sun on hot days. Can I use black distressed tables
with brown furniture? What can I do for all those
windows? What color can I use for the walls and accent with? Can I do the beams a dif color then  the walls? I like golds, burgundy, greens, browns.
Thanks for the help!!!! Pam~


The room sounds wonderful.  The distressed table in any color will be fine with the leather couches or a couple of leather chairs.  A couple of ottomans to match those chairs would be great when you want to sit and put your feet up, OR to have extra seating.  Keep in mind that even when a couch seats 3 comfortably, usually no more than 2 people use it at a time.  It's kind of like being in the middle seat on an airplane to sit in the middle on a couch.

Consider using wood or faux wood blinds, or use shades for more light control.  To soften all that glass, you may want to create a "frame" around the window/doors by draping fabric or scarves.  Use warm tones like browns, greens, golds, burgandies, and be sure that the scarves are not solid in color, but have texture as well as pattern.  Keep your furniture in solids, and add throw pillows to coordinate with the scarves on the windows/doors.

The beams would be beautiful stained; consider the wall in a warm medium to dark camel or gold for a warm cozy feel, a sagey to celery green for a cooler feel, and consider a wood laminate floor (to match the beams stain) and add a large sisal or otherwise nubby rug to the floor.  

Lastly, I'd add a fountain.  Nothing is better than the sound of water moving, and there is a huge selection of table sized fountains available at nominal price points.  

Voila.  You're done.  (Be sure to add some sort of "game" table, even if it's a card table for the kids to color, draw and/or play games.  


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