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Okay, where to start?!! I have an L-shaped lr dining room currently painted a very soft pinky/ theme was neutral furniture with burgundy accents..pillows, vertical blinds, area rug, lamps, knicknacs, etc. Looked beautiful. We have a long wooden valance along the two front windows (dr and lr) and to jazz it up, I had hung a valance in shades of burgundy, green and a goldy color.Now I have purchased a new soft set in a dark moss green color (but not the same green as in the valance but not enough to make it noticable)and the accent pillows that came with the sofa are a gold pillow with a faint abstract detailing in burgundy, greens, gold, terra cotta (very minute)..I want to paint the walls, and get new drapes however, I am totally stuck. I love the valance and dont want to change it. So Im looking for some help in picking a paint color and then a curtain color..Can you help me? I really love the faux finishes and would love to do a faux leather finish or spongeing off to create some drama to the walls..some texture but I dont know where to start as far as color goes..I can see the gold color jump out when I look at the furniture and valance but Im totally unsre about how and if to use it on the walls..and how to select a window treatment to tie things in..
Sorry if this is somewhat confusing but Im trying to cover all the bases..

Thanks so much..

First things first - the walls.  Select a faux technique that you like and can comfortably complete by visiting  There they show you step-by-step how to's, photos, techniques etc. and tell you the "style" and overall feel the room will have when you paint.  

Now...colors depend on the paint technique you use.  Sponging, ragging, etc. usually require 3 paint colors, with the VERY IMPORTANT fact that you see MOST the color you add LAST.  You can count your current wall color as one and add maybe sage green and gold -- seeing gold most.  Or you could accentuate the burgandy tones (from your valance) and top that with a golden shade.  

Select the technique, THEN the paint color(s).  Texture works best and is most visable when you use 3 colors, and that also means you can use 3 "shades" of the same color to create softer drama.

As for draperies, I'd combine in either a muted floral or a pin-stripe the predominant 3 colors in the room.  That appears to be burgandy, gold, green.  

Let me know if you need additional info or help.  THanks for your questions.

Regards and blessings,

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